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Have you even been to Newcastle if you haven’t experienced Doughheads?

It all began when Anna Farthing, Doughheads’ Founder and Creative Director, decided to gut a room in her house and build a semi-commercial kitchen. “At the time, I was working on a separate business idea, but thought that doughnuts might make a fun side project”, she laughs. So much for that idea! Fast forward 6 years and here we are, sitting in the Flagship retail store at The Junction, with Doughheads’ being a household name and well loved icon in Newcastle.

“I wanted to create a brand that people could really connect with; something that would bring joy and happiness into peoples’ everyday lives”, says Anna, “...it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but we’re still here; learning, growing and moving forward, every single day”

From that small kitchen in an ex-laundry, Doughheads has been through many seasons to get where it is today. “Initially, we went from our “home” kitchen into a commercial space, just supplying our market stalls. Then, we had our first foray into retail, a pop-up store in Hunter Street which was fitted out with a budget of just over $2k, thus the builders pallets for walls and milk creates as seats,” she says. Anna admits that she faced many obstacles during this period, both personally and in business, “we were growing faster than I could keep up with, especially considering I had no prior experience managing staff or running a business.” Athe same time, Anna explains she was going through some really tough challenges in her own life, including relationship breakdown, raising 4 children and her Dad passing away. And all this was just in the first 18 months of launching Doughheads!

In August 2016, Anna opened the beautiful flagship store in The Junction; combining a kitchen facility and retail/cafe space where you can come and indulge, whilst watching the magic happen right in front of you.

“My dream had always been to create a destination where people could come to find a moment of happiness. A place where the worries of “real life” fall away ayou allow your inner child to let loose and embrace the nostalgia of a time often forgotten” Anna says. 

And Doughheads is exactly that! Every morning the team of Bakers and Pastry Chefs make hundreds of doughnuts from scratch, using only real ingredients to create a menu full of flavours that will blow your mind. “Like our Fairy Bread doughnut,” says Anna, “it takes me back to a time in my childhood full of birthday parties with smiles and games and yummy food!”

But it doesn’t stop there, one of Doughheads most popular doughnuts is their Gaytime which based on that classic Aussie icon and is filled with a honeycomb custard, dipped in chocolate and topped with a honey biscuit crumble. Talk about dough-licious! 

Anna is really keen to ensure her customers understand that they make everything they possibly can from scratch in their kitchen; including custards, icings, biscuit crumbles, pastry and fruit compotes.

“We only use real ingredients in our products, like butter and eggs and milk, never any artificial preservativesI believe that the quality speaks for itself and it’s just something that’s really important me. Yes, it means that the shelf life for our doughnuts is short, but it allows us to create a menu full of flavours that will capture your imagination, indulge your senses and keep you craving more,” she says. 

So, are there more stores in the future? Can we expect Doughheads to start popping up in every city? “Not at the moment,” laughs Anna nervously, “my kids are still pretty young and I’m focusing on keeping the quality of our product high and our team of employees happy.” For now, it seems that if you want the Doughheads’ experience, you’re going to have to get yourself to the little beachside suburb of The Junction, in Newcastle. But trust us when we say that it is absolutely worth the trip. Incredible doughnuts, delicious coffee and an experience you will not forget anytime soon.

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