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This is a personal update from our Founder and Owner, Anna Farthing.

Newy, this week has been one of the toughest in Doughheads’ 5 years as a business! Many of you would probably already know our story, but for those who don’t, here’s a {slightly} short version 😊

Doughheads was born in an ex-laundry, turned semi commercial kitchen in my house when my youngest of 4 kids was just 18mths old. I had this dream to create a destination where people could come together to make moments of happiness and take away experiences they would remember. We aimed to do this by creating an environment where you felt valued and welcomed; we became a community, bonded over a love of doughnuts, fun, coffee and cheeky laughs. We’ve been through so many seasons, starting out with just a little market stall, through to our first pop up in the Hunter Street Mall and now, calling our flagship store at The Junction “home”.

Most people may not realise that we are a small, independent business, run by “the short, kinda crazy blonde girl” who is usually behind the machine making coffee, doing the dishes or dipping doughies in the kitchen. The same girl who is raising 4 kids, always looking to challenge the status quo and loves to have a chat when you walk in the door. Doughheads has been a passion project and the biggest learning curve of my life. We now have an incredible team of 16 people who rely on me for their livelihoods. There is no big brand chain behind us that is coming to the rescue, no safety net. There is just us and our wonderful community of people; you guys, the ones who give all of this purpose and meaning.

The current pandemic, COVID19, is now threatening all that we have spent the last 5 years building together. And so I am asking you for your support. If you have ever enjoyed one of our doughies, started your day with a coffee from us or just love to come in because you know there will be a friendly face and bright hello, please support us! This is the only way we will survive the coming season of uncertainty.

If you can afford it, please buy a doughnut (takeaway or delivery), grab a coffee or purchase a gift voucher for a friend. If you can’t, we totally understand and would still love you to slide into our DMs with encouraging words from the safety of your home.

Sometimes, all we need is a smile or some encouraging words! And so does everyone. We are not going to be alone in our struggles over the coming 6mths. I know that we will all be struggling to deal with the changes that are quickly becoming our new reality, so I’m not asking for you to choose us over anyone else. I’m just asking you to remember that one of the reasons Newy is such an awesome place to live is because of all the creative, local small businesses who start here.

If you are still reading, thank you! I’m so grateful for the experiences that Doughheads has provided for me and the community that we now have. And most of all, in these times, please be kind. To yourself, to those around you and to complete strangers. Much love, Anna xx

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