Star Wars Day Doughnuts


is hurtling towards us faster than a Millennium Falcon in hyperdrive, and you know what that means – it's time to pick your side in the ultimate battle of light versus dark! So, which side of the Force will you align with this Star Wars Day? Get ready to embark on an epic doughnut adventure and join in on the cosmic fun. πŸš€


🍩 First up, representing the noble forces of good, we have the delectable Yoda-inspired doughnut! Picture this: a heavenly dough ring dipped in luscious white chocolate, adorned with twinkling edible stars, and generously filled with smooth vanilla bean custard. It's a treat fit for a Jedi Master!
yoda doughnut for star wars day from doughheads


🍩 On the flip side, for those drawn to the allure of the dark side, behold the formidable Stormtrooper doughnut! Encased in rich milk chocolate and embellished with mesmerizing edible stars, this deviously delicious creation is packed with indulgent chocolate custard. A formidable choice for any Sith Lord in training!
stormtrooper doughnut for star wars day from doughheads
But wait, fellow doughnut enthusiasts – this intergalactic showdown is happening for ONE DAY ONLY, on the Fourth of May! Don't miss out on the chance to taste these cosmic delights. Secure your spot in the doughnut duel by pre-ordering online or dropping by our store to chat with our friendly team of doughnut aficionados.
So, whether you're a die-hard Rebel Alliance supporter or you've pledged allegiance to the Galactic Empire, it's time to rally your taste buds and dive into the delicious fray! Let the battle for doughnut supremacy commence!Β 
Remember, the Force may be strong, but nothing beats the irresistible allure of a freshly made DoughHeads' doughnut. May the dough be with you! 🌌
star wars day doughnuts for may the fourth from doughheads
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