National Donut Competition Winners

Brace yourselves, donut enthusiasts! Prepare to be blown away by the triumph of DoughHeads, the unapologetically awesome bakery that has taken the art of doughnuts to extraordinary heights. In a dazzling display of talent, DoughHeads has emerged as the indisputable champion at the highly acclaimed National Donut Competition, hosted by the Baking Association of Australia. With their jaw-dropping performance, they left their competition in a trail of icing sugar and solidified their reign as the ultimate doughnut gods.

Let's dive into the mouthwatering awards DoughHeads proudly secured:

Champion Donut in Show: Crowned as the undisputed rulers of the doughnut realm, DoughHeads claimed the coveted title of Champion Donut in Show with their showstopper creation, the Caramilk Brulee Doughnut. With this win, they have cemented their position at the pinnacle of the doughnut hierarchy, leaving everyone in awe. 

1st Prize for Jam Doughnut: When it comes to jam-filled delights, no one does it better than DoughHeads. Their exceptional jam doughnut blew away the competition with a burst of flavor, featuring their house made raspberry jam that had the judges weak at the knees. Get ready for a jam-packed punch of deliciousness that will make your taste buds dance.

1st Prize for Gourmet Doughnut: the culinary genius of DoughHeads' Head Pastry Chef, Kallan Bragg, truly shines with their award-winning gourmet doughnut, the Caramilk Brulee. This mind-boggling creation is a symphony of flavors and textures, featuring silky, sweet Caramilk custard, a tantalizing toffee shell, and a drizzle of heavenly Caramilk chocolate. It's a drool-worthy masterpiece that has redefined the gourmet doughnut game.

2nd Prize for Original Glazed Doughnut: The classic Original Glazed Doughnut got a fierce makeover in the hands of DoughHeads, earning them a well-deserved second place. With their impeccable attention to detail and a sprinkle of magic, DoughHeads has taken the timeless treat to new heights. Get ready for an OG doughnut with a DoughHeads twist that will leave you craving more.

DoughHeads' unparalleled success in multiple categories reaffirms their status as the rebels of the doughnut world. Their cheeky, passionate, and confident approach to doughnut-making has propelled them to the forefront, amassing a legion of drooling fans along the way.

Anna Farthing, the brilliant mastermind behind DoughHeads, couldn't contain her joy, exclaiming, "We're on cloud nine with these epic wins! It's a sweet victory for our dedicated team of doughnut warriors. We live and breathe doughnuts, and these awards are a testament to our unwavering passion. We're here to redefine the doughnut game!"

Don't just take our word for it—step into the doughnut wonderland that is DoughHeads. Indulge in their award-winning creations that will envelop your taste buds in an ecstatic sugar rush. Prepare to embark on a doughnut journey like no other, where each bite is an explosion of flavor, and every visit is a celebration of doughnut greatness.

Check out the delicious menu on offer everyday in store and make sure to pre-order so you donut miss out on trying our award winning doughnuts!

For media inquiries or more information about DoughHeads, please contact:

Anna Farthing, Creative Director
Phone: 0408424500

About DoughHeads:

DoughHeads is the cheeky and unapologetically awesome Bakery that reigns supreme in the world of artisanal doughnuts and gelato. Their fearless dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavour innovation has won them the hearts (and stomachs) of sweet tooths far and wide. At DoughHeads, every dessert is a masterpiece, crafted with passion, to bring a dash of joy to your life. 

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