Limited Edition Squid Game Doughnuts

Think you've got what it takes to survive the 'Dalgona Candy' Squid Game Challenge?


To celebrate the wildly popular 'Squid Game' series we're excited to bring you a limited edition 'Squid Game' doughnut available this weekend only!


Dipped in house made Red Rattler (raspberry) icing, filled with delicious chocolate custard then topped with a white buttercream circle and a Dalgona (honeycomb) candy, not only will this doughnut tantalise your taste buds, it will test your skills to determine if you're a Squid Game survivor!



In episode 3 for the Dalgona Candy Challenge, contestants have to carefully break the candy around a preset shape without breaking the whole toffee and must do so within 10 minutes.

Break the shape? You're ELIMINATED.


Think you've got what it takes? There's only one way to find out!

Preorder a box of Squid Game doughnuts, get a bunch of your friends together, then test your skills and see who of you would survive the Dalgona Candy Challenge!

(At least in this version everyone walks away with a delicious Doughheads doughnut! 😜)


Available this Saturday & Sunday // 23rd - 24th October only.

Click the HERE to preorder yours now so you donut miss out!

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