Eat Doughnuts, it’s for Charity!

When it comes to eating doughnuts, any excuse will do, especially when it’s a for a good cause. For the month of September, Doughheads will be fundraising for Soul Café by donating one dollar from every Banoffee doughnut sold, to the local charity.

In the age of Instagram'ed lattes and styled brunches it is easy to forget that a hot meal is a luxury for some.

“Having a regular, healthy supply of food is something that can easily be taken for granted here in Australia, but we have to realise that's not the case for everyone in our community.” — Anna Farthing, Doughheads CEO

Soul Café aim to combat this, providing free meals to Newcastle’s vulnerable in their café located on the corner of Hunter and Watt Street. Doughheads’s donation will assist in funding Soul Café’s kitchen however “it’s more than a dollar … it raises awareness and causes a level of engagement which is really cool” said Soul Café CEO Rick Prosser.

Anna’s Doughheads empire began as a modest stall at Olive Tree Markets and now boasts over 30,200 Instagram and 55,829 Facebook followers. The creative director has revolutionised the humble doughnut into a flavour experience in her flagship store at The Junction. Anna credits the brands success to her “no shortcuts mentality, using the highest quality ingredients and always striving to create happiness.”

The support of her customers she calls the “Doughheads Tribe” has inspired a charity initiative aimed at giving back to the Newcastle community.

“People don't come just to get a doughnut, they want to be involved with Doughheads” said Ms Farthing.

Anna’s social media reach will raise awareness for Soul Café’s cause and her initiative will be feeding not only her tribe but Newcastle’s most vulnerable.

Doughheads will be donating one dollar from every Banoffee doughnut sold in September to Soul Café. A donations box will also be available in-store for generous customers wanting to contribute but enticed by other delicious flavours.

On the 10th of September, Doughheads partnered with local physique athletes Jak Nelson and Tim Bradstreet for an instore fundraiser. The local lads were challenged to eat their weight in doughnuts and bravely stomached eight each. Novocastrians can sponsor one dollar for every doughnut the body builders ate on their my cause page.

Doughheads partners with Soul Cafe
Jak Nelson and Tim Bradstreet

Soul Café not only provide meals to Newcastle’s homeless, but also individuals experiencing mental illness, addiction, violence and financial hardship. They also support and guide the disadvantaged towards a positive future through their network of community services.

“The meal brings them in, then there are all these other services they can connect with” said Soul Café finance manager Tonya Huen. This initiative helps the vulnerable re-establish themselves as a part of Newcastle’s community.

However, Soul Cafe strives to provide “more than a’s about community, friendship, a listening ear” said Mr Prosser.

“People fall through cracks because everyone has a unique story and so our hope is that we can be under the cracks to catch people.” — Rick Prosser, Soul Café CEO

Soul Café’s dedication to community was exemplified when a regular guest’s health began to deteriorate. “I said take him to hospital there’s something not right, they did a head scan and he had a brain tumour. Five days later they operated on it. Through that journey he’s been reunited with his daughter” said Mr Prosser.

Novocastrians can get behind Soul Café’s worthy cause through food and financial donations as well as volunteering in their Hunter Street kitchen. You can also support the initiative of Doughheads by purchasing a Banoffee doughnut for the month of September.

“Little things added together helps make the big thing happen” said Mr Prosser.

Indulging in decadent doughnuts; giving back to the community never tasted so good.

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