Easter 2023

We're shaking things up and doing Easter a little different this year!
Easter Hours:
7th April, Good Friday - OPEN 8AM TO 2PM
8th April, Easter Saturday - OPEN 8AM TO 2PM
9th April, Easter Sunday - CLOSED
10th April, Easter Monday - CLOSED
We'll be open 8am - 2pm on Friday and Saturday and be slinging our usual range of doughnuts, gelato, coffee and shakes. On top of that, we have TWO LIMITED EDITION experiences for you:
This is your chance to try a HOT Doughheads' Cinnamon Sugar or OG doughnut! We've NEVER done this before. Usually our chefs start at 4am each morning and produce hundreds of doughnuts, but by the time production is complete, although they are still fresh as fcuk, the doughies have cooled down.
This Friday and Saturday ONLY between 8am - 10am, our chefs will be slowing down production and giving you the chance to come down and wrap your lips around a HOT doughnut. Think melt-in-your-mouth dough, with glaze that's still warm and crunchy cinnamon sugar. Pair it with a Cappuccino or Hot Choccie and you may just have thought you've died and gone to Heaven!
Sick of chocolate eggs? We know, same here! But this year we took two of your favourites eggs, the Caramilk Egg and the Creme Egg, and combined them to create one hell of an EPIC Easter Doughnut.
Introducing, the Caramilk Creme Egg. Filled with caramilk chocolate custard, dipped in milk chocolate ganache and topped with a hand pipped fondant 'egg', this one will blow your mind!
If you donut want to miss out, this doughie is available NOW for pre-order online to pick up between 8am - 2pm on Friday and Saturday. OR, if you feel like living on the edge, just pop in and see if we still have any in stock each day (but they're guaranteed to be sold out early, so donut say we didn't warn you!)
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