Vegan and Low Gluten Range

You may have heard on the 'dough-vine' or even experienced first hand that we've reintroduced Vegan doughnuts into our menu!
It took us a while but we wanted to get it right. So much so we threw it out to you, the public, to taste test and give us your feedback!
After multiple trials, we settled on a formula and now have vegan options. It's an exceptionally exciting time for all!
What you might also be aware of is that we create our vegan doughnuts on our low gluten recipe. We just thought 'Why not kill 2 intolerances with one dough stone', ya know?

And you might be thinking - 'Why low gluten and not gluten free?'
Well that's a bloody good Q and hopefully we can give you a good A.

When we create our low gluten/vegan doughnuts, we use entirely gluten free ingredients. We also use separate bowls, utensils and fryers during the process. Basically, we do everything we can to eliminate the possibility of our doughnuts coming into contact with any gluten.
However, as we do use the same kitchen for all of our doughnuts, there is a slight chance cross contamination can occur, which means we are unfortunately unable to claim the Gluten Free title!
Essentially we have to cover our bums (and yours too!).
We are happy to say though, we have had countless self identified coeliacs devour a low gluten doughie or three without any negative consequences.

We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to have the true Doughheads experience, and will continue to do all we can to achieve this. (Short of installing a second kitchen!)

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