Specials of the week - 22 - 29 March 2021

Peach Cobbler - filled with honeycomb custard, peaches, dipped in rosewater icing and topped with biscuit crumble and toasted almonds
(LG) Caramel Raspberrysalted caramel icing dipped in raspberry and with vanilla buttercream swirl
(Vg) 'Nutella' – rolled in caster sugar and filled with VEGO chocolate hazelnut spread
Available from Monday 22nd - Sunday 30th of March.
Or pre-order online HERE for delivery or pick up (add Special of the Week / LG Special of the Week / Vegan Special of the Week to your doughnut pack)⁠
* Please note: LG and Vg are now on our separate LG and Vegan doughs.
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