With all the doom and gloom in the media, it felt right to create something fun and a little nostalgic. So it is with great pleasure we introduce our Simpsons Menu.
"Mmm.....donuts" - Homer Simpson
Our Homer and Chocolate Sprinkle doughnut are an ode to the big, yellow man, himself. He's brought us many laughs over the years and if we ever needed a sneaky giggle, now is a great moment for one!
"Disco Stu got hooked on the good stuff {sugar} back in the '70s" - Disco Stu
Our Disco Stu doughnut throws back to the '70s with some loud colours and old school lollies. Dipped in a boysenberry icing, filled with raspberry jam and a house made sour pineapple gel then topped with nerds, skittles and a little baggy of pop rocks so you can really get that '70s disco experience.
"That's right, a Flamin' Moe. My name's Moe and I invented it" - Moe Szyslak
This doughnut is all about combinations that probably shouldn't exist, but just surprise us all and work really well, exactly like the infamous drink that Homer creates and Moe steals from him. Filled with a boysenberry cheesecake and a cherry 'cough syrup' gel, then topped with Italian meringue and 'set on fire' {torched} to get that authentic 'flamed' taste.
" A mounds bar is not a sprinkle. A twizzler is not a sprinkle. A jolly rancher is NOT a sprinkle, Sir!" - Apu  Nahasapeemapetilon
We couldn't go pas the famous Kwik-E-Mart episode where Apu accuses Homer of taking items from the candy rack and placed them on top of the doughnut to pass them off as sprinkles. Good old Homer will have none of it and exclaims, "It was like that when I got here, it really was!" Smothered with pink buttercream and topped with a mounds bar (bounty bar), twizzler, jolly rancher, skittles and served with a side of nostalgia for good measure.
Doughheads is open and bringing you mouthfuls of happiness each and every day of the week. Our Simpsons Menu will run from Monday 16th till Sunday 29th March. We can't wait to have you in store!
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